Lego club

In an attempt to fill a need in this small town in which I live, I started a Lego Club.  I am posting activities I have done so that others may benefit.  If you start a Lego Club of your own, feel free to share your ideas here.  Tell me what worked and what didn’t work.

Meeting info:

Times: 1pm – 2:30

Dates: Once a month

Ages: 7 through teen

Fee: $3 per child per meeting to cover costs of materials and snack.

Description:  A basic Lego building club that meets once a month with challenge activities each meeting.  Activities include building projects that nurture creativity through science, problem solving and critical thinking.  A “Show & Tell” time will start each meeting to give participants an opportunity to talk about what they have worked on at home.




Elementary Classes (Grades 3-6)


Tuesday’s Schedule

10:30 – 11:30 Literature: The Treasure Seekers

During the Fall Semester, this class will read The Treasure Seekers together and engage in discussion and activities relevant to the story.  There will be some homework assignments.

Book – The Treasure Seekers by E. Nesbit (Fall Semester)

Spring Semester book is to be determined

11:30-12:30 Elementary Chemistry/Physics

Study how the universe functions through this exploration of matter and energy.  Students will meet for class once a week to discuss Continue reading Elementary Classes (Grades 3-6)